Parallel Lines - Rules

The movie should only feature the original single "Parallel Lines" dialogue (and no other spoken word). The official script in order should be: "What is that", "Its a Unicorn", "Never seen one up close before", "Beautiful", "Get away, get away", "Im sorry"


In the future the environment collapses and all form of vegetation has vanished. A lone rider on a mission enters a quarantine zone of the infected. The inhabitants of the zone die a slow and painful death after an immediate discharge of tar through the nose.
The rider finds a source that can transport a loved one to a place they have never seen. A trip that would eventually be their resting place. A grave far better than what the world has become.

Shot entirely on the Canon 5D


Director / Producer
Ali F. Mostafa

Producer / Editor
Nick Franco

Michel Dierickx

Hannes De Maeyer

Art Director
Michael Mulligan

1185 Films - London